My name is ZhaoXiaoli

I was born in Hebei Province in the 80s and come from the mountains. At present, I am working in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province as a senior engineer of AV pixelate.

My folks thought I had entered a good company, and they came to my home to ask me to introduce their children to work in my company, but they left in despair after I told them that our company was taking dead wages, not including food, not including housing, not counting pieces, and working overtime every day without pay.

I am a person with great ideals during I grew up, aspiring to be a scientist, ideals that have not yet been realized, after all, I am only in my 30s, not yet grown up.

I live a mediocre life, have an uncertain future, empty feelings, and am not recognized by society. I have no goals in life, lack of enthusiasm, dissatisfied with the poor life but do not know what to do.

In the past years, I have carried too much loneliness and sadness. I have stopped many times at the small hotel opposite the internet cafe, which left me too much sadness; I saw my beloved girl go and fade away at the end of the small hotel, which hurt my heart deeply.


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