About Me

I am a full stack developer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I received my Master of Information Technology from the University of Melbourne in 2019, and my Bachelor of Science in Economics Honors with a Mathematics Concentration from Purdue University, USA. While I was pursuing my master degree, I developed multiple web applications for clients across China, and built an android Instagram mock up app with two other team members.

Past commercial projects that I built include an ERP system for a cement factory in Southwestern China's Yunnan Province, an information system tailored to the needs of an American style high school in Shanghai, and a scheduling system for a Chinese education consultancy in Nanjing.

Prior to moving to Australia, I worked at PwC US Shanghai SDC as an associate software engineer, and engaged with one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies in South Carolina to build its SAP ERP system which handled sales, distribution, production, and order for the company.


Hall Pass
Hall Pass is a React web app designed to manage hall pass requests and contact tracing for the Sheboygan Falls High School in Wisconsin, USA. The source code for this project is available on my GitHub. The UI project lives here . The API project lives here.
Grocery Store
MyStore is a Desktop application created with JavaFX for an Asian Grocery Store based in Glenroy, VIC
Thermal Printer Receipt
Cheap ZJ 资江 POS58 Thermal Printers are popular around the world. I need to print receipts from Linux based operating system using Java, but ZJ does not provide a Demo implementation. I created this hack for Ubuntu based on my understanding of ZJ's Android implementation.
wolongshuini.com was built for Wolong Cement Factory located in Southwestern China's Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province. In addition to managing sales, orders, and financial reports. The information system is interfaced with two Mettler Toledo weighbridge systems (truck scales) and a license plate recognition system to automatically weigh trucks.
lumiacademy.com was built for Nanjing Lumingyuan Education Consultancy Co., Ltd.. It is used to manage student information, tutor information, and schedule classes.
LANFileServer is a simple, open source, multilingual file sharing system I built to share files with family and friends within the local area network. Click GitLab to see source code.
This is just some doodle code I wrote to show a colleague how to integrate PayPal payment gateway into his eCommerce website. Think of clicking the selection boxes as adding product into your shopping cart.


I am a self-anointed bon vivant who enjoys coding, reading, bowling, jogging, playing tennis, listening to music, and globe-trotting. I am also a general aviation enthusiast. Sometimes, I spend a good part of my day listening to air traffic control conversations on my Icom radio.

Contact Me

Email: me【at】xiao.engineer

GitLab: xiao

Github: MakersAll8

LinkedIn: Xiao Li

WeChat QR Code WeChat ID: lixiao2882

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